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Penguin Point offers field trip opportunities for groups of 5-100 people from pre-school through adults! Field trips can be scheduled any day of the week between 9am to 4pm, and can be custom-designed for your group. We can even help you organize additional stops in the mall such as lunch in the food court, or activities at other mall business such as District Eat and Play, Mad Science, Calliope Street, and the Zoo Health Club, just to name a few! Contact James at to start planning your field trip.


Field Trip Ideas:


Careers in Acting

Students explore the steps that are useful in pursuing an acting career, learn how acting can be useful in most other careers, and then get a chance to do some acting on our stage!


Careers in Technical Theater

Students explore a variety of careers in technical theater by taking part in a round-table

discussion with technical theater professionals, and then get a chance for some hands-on

training in areas such as makeup design, costuming, set construction, lighting, audio, stage

management, and more!


Shakespeare in Performance

Students get onstage to rehearse and perform a Shakespearean scene using the methods taught

at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London!


Life Skills for Real People

Students learn or reinforce basic life skills that many people haven’t learned or mastered. Experts in their fields teach students valuable skills such as basic First Aid and self-defense; how to handle money, credit, checking and savings accounts; communication skills for mail, email, phone, and more; how to use tools correctly and safely; cleaning, sewing, laundry, and other household chores; internet safety and security + how to survive without technology; handling conflict, disappointment, criticism, failure, and apologies; basic etiquette and manners; knowing your basic legal rights; how to find a job, change a tire, and much more! We can tailor the skills being taught to your group’s needs and interests.


Careers in Costuming

Students will explore our costume shop, learn about fashion history, and try their hand at

making an item using the sewing machines in our cutting room!


The World of Performing Arts

For larger groups, we can combine our various field trip plans into a rotation of activities that

can include dance, acting, musical theater, puppetry, technical theater, and more!



In this unique field trip plan, students write a short play script, cast the scene, find costumes and

props, rehearse their parts, create a printed program, and perform a play—all in one day!


Stagecraft 101

Students learn the basics of working with tools safely and effectively, and build a useful item

they can take home with them!


We can also custom-design a field trip just for your group, with whatever focus you choose! Contact James at to get started!

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