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Penguin Point Art Gallery


Penguin Point Art Gallery is located at 1220 Oviedo Mall Blvd., in the West Wing of Oviedo Mall. It shares its 2000 square foot gallery space with Backstage Coffee and Tea Bar, creating a warm and inviting environment for meeting with friends, sharing great food and drinks, and enjoying original local art.


Our mission is to provide a free shared space for celebrating local Central Florida artists from a variety of experience levels and media specializations. Past shows have featured paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, ceramics, crafts, woodworking, embroidery, weaving, jewelry, graphic novels, videos, and more—and we are open to broadening the definition of what a local art show can be! Our artists have included students doing their first shows, senior citizens showcasing a lifetime of artistic creation, Instagram-famous pop artists, and local artisans from a wide variety of backgrounds.


Each month, Penguin Point Art Gallery features the work of one or more Central Florida artists, starting with a Sunday afternoon reception where the public can meet many of our artists in person while enjoying food, drink, and live music, followed by three weeks of open gallery time for anyone to come see the exhibit for free—and hopefully find some art to buy and take home!


A unique tradition at Penguin Point is to ask each artist to create a penguin—in any form of art—to contribute to our permanent collection. Visitors to our gallery enjoy seeing over 100 local artists already represented in our army of penguin creations, with new penguins added all the time!


Artists interested in showing their work should contact our Gallery Curator at Penguin Point keeps a 20% commission on all sales.


We are also proud to offer youth art classes in Painting and Comic Book Drawing. For more information about these educational programs, please email


Penguin Point Art Gallery is part of Penguin Point Educational Theater, Inc., a 501(c)3 educational non-profit organization. We depend on public support so that we can continue celebrating local artists. Your financial or in-kind donations help us promote our art shows, improve our display infrastructure, and will eventually allow us to expand our gallery space. In addition to financial donations, we also welcome the donation of works of art, gift cards, art supplies, and items that can be used for silent auctions to support our gallery. For more information about making a donation, please contact James at


Volunteers are encouraged to join us in uplifting local artists by donating their time to help set up shows, welcome guests, and improve our gallery space. For more information about being a volunteer, please contact our Gallery Curator at

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