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Penguin Point Productions in the Oviedo Mall is a one-stop shop for performing arts classes, camps, costumes, and community theater. We offer classes in art, dance, music, theater and writing for students from pre-school through adult; summer camps for grades K-12; a costume and prop collection which we currently share with theaters, schools, churches, and community groups; and community theater for all audiences.


We have three theater troupes making their home in our facility: THE YOUNG COMPANY provides performance opportunities in an educational theater environment; STILL GOT IT PLAYERS provides a spotlight for actors 50 and older; and THE ENSEMBLE COMPANY is a repertory group of professional actors of all ages. Our theater space, dance room, and classrooms are also available for rental at a very reasonable price—perfect for plays, meetings, concerts, parties, art gallery shows, clubs, and every type of artistic endeavor!


Penguin Point Productions embraces diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, gender expression, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, or sexual orientation in any of its activities or operations. Just wanted you to know that.



In the future, we hope to expand our costume shop and open it to the public for all kinds of rentals, and continue to build our sharing program with theaters, schools, churches, and community groups. Our expanded costume shop will also include a workshop that will allow us to create custom-made costumes for all occasions, and a costume design classroom for students of all ages.


We hope to expand our classroom space and add another small blackbox theater where students will have the chance to produce their own original plays and concerts. We hope to expand our class offerings for special needs students of all ages. We hope to add an audio recording studio so that our students can produce their own original podcasts in a professional atmosphere. We hope to expand our lobby and add an executive office and formal meeting space.


We hope to continue building partnerships with other local artists to share theatrical resources, classroom space, and our stage, whether through long-term cooperative opportunities with local producers, directors, and arts teachers, or through the short-term rental of our facilities by those with a desire to create art who just need the right place to do it.


Our dreams for the future are all within our grasp, but require increased funding to make them possible. If you would like to contribute to our future, you can help by sharing a link to our website on social media, buying tickets for our plays, renting our space, giving us a positive online review, donating costumes and props to our collection, signing up for a class or camp, providing a scholarship for a student, or donating to our Go Fund Me account!



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